Gday All,

My name is Mikey D and I am an easy going Australian! I am also a nerd and proud of it!

I am currently a Senior Web Developer (I prefer to call myself an Awesome Interwebs Guru or something cool like that)  in Melbourne, Australia. I’m currently specialising in the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) server side technologies. On the client side I use web 2.0 technologies including Javascript, JQuery, advanced CSS and XHTML. Formally I was an ASP.NET developer for a different company where my language of choice was C# using the ASP.NET MVC framwork.

On the side, in between non nerd stuff like Snowboarding, Surfing and Wakeboarding, I spend countless hours contributing to open source projects!

One of which is the TortoiseHg project, a graphical set of tools for Mecurial written in Python using PyQt. In addition to some small changes and minor enhancements I have written a dialog for the Mercurial Post review plugin. This dialog allows users to seamlessly post reviews to Review Board from the TortoiseHg repository explorer. You can read more about the dialog it here. The other is a plugin that I have released to the WordPress community called WordPress Backup to Dropbox that… well does exactly what the title states. I’m pretty sure more will come in the future!

As you can tell I am not tied down to one framework, operating system or programming language. With the amount of information that is available anyone can “cut code”, however not everyone can do it well, so I pride myself on knowing how to write well designed object oriented applications regardless of the programming language.

Apart from work I enjoy an active lifestyle where I spend a lot of my free time travelling, keeping fit and participating in various action sports. During the summer I love to go camping, hit the beach and go wakeboarding. In the winter I can’t get enough of the mountains , snow and snowboarding where you will find me at Falls Creek or Mt Hotham most weekend. There is nothing better to clear your mind then to strap on a board in fresh POW!

Anyways that is pretty much it!

If you want to contact me about nerd stuff, go for a surf, hit the slopes somewhere in the world or just say G’day you can get in contact with me via my blogs contact form or on Twitter!



Mikey D

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