WordPress Backup to Dropbox 1.4.3

31 Jan

This release does not contain any new features to the core of the plugin. However it does fix a whole heap of bugs.

So, whats been fixed?

1. Session timeout and invalid link issues when authorising with Dropbox have been fixed. These errors were very hard to replicate and I only managed to stumble upon them recently, and after a decent amount of testing I reckon I have ironed them out.

2. A few people where getting the error “Token cannot be null”. I found that this was due to servers being fire walled with no connection to the internet. There is no way I can fix that problem but I did add a better error message explaining what is going on.

3. Finally, after a lot of research and testing I managed to get to the bottom of the issue where no files where being uploaded and only directories created. This was due to a major bug in the cURL extension that exists to PHP versions 5.2.16 and lower. After a fair bit of thought I decided that rather then penalise people using up-to-date versions of PHP and revert back to the old Dropbox API lib, I decided to keep moving forward and drop support for PHP < 5.2.16.

What does this mean? Well since PHP 5.2 is no longer supported by the PHP community anyway I have added a message to anyone who attempts to use the plugin with an unsupported version of PHP. If users cant upgrade to a higher version of PHP they can download WPB2D 1.3 that supports PHP < 5.2.16.

Introducing priority support

I have decided to reduce the free support channel to the WordPress forum only and introduced a premium extension for Priority Support. Giving people the option to contact me directly for a 24 hour response instead of waiting for the community to respond to the WordPress forum.

Purchasing this extension, for only $9, will allow you to log support tickets directly form a WPB2D submenu.

Restore Wizard

I addition to this release, I have been working hard on a restore wizard that can be uploaded to a server and bring you website up with the click of a few buttons. I am almost finished and about to start final testing.

So, hopefully in the coming weeks you will be able to easily restore your website from Dropbox!

  1. Eugenio

    February 8, 2017 at 6:44 pm

    Waiting with anxiety for the restore wizard :)

  2. Joseph

    February 1, 2017 at 4:42 am

    I’m still having the issue you mentioned in #2–”Token cannot be null”. You say that it’s because the server has no connection to the internet? I don’t know how that makes any sense as my site is being hosted off of https://www.biz.nf. You’re saying that biz.nf may have a firewall policy intact that blocks off your plugin from working? How is it that all my other plugins work just fine EXCEPT for yours?

    Maybe you should change your plugin to be a little more universal and more firewall friendly? :) Just my .02.

    • Mikey

      February 1, 2017 at 6:10 am

      Gday Joseph,

      Thanks for the feedback. Turns out I did not commit the code with the updated error message. It has now been committed to the WP servers.

      There is one of two things going on here either your server has no connection to the internet or you do not have SSL installed that is required by Dropbox. All API requests to Dropbox must be secure.

      Unfortunately it is not possible for me to circumvent these in order to make it universal.