WordPress Backup to Dropbox 1.2

27 Jul

WordPress Backup to Dropbox 1.2 has been released! And following my usual release pattern it contains a fair few bug fixes as well as a performance feature.

New Feature: Core and plugin SQL dumps are now separate

In this version I have decided to split the WordPress core and plugins into tow separate database dumps to avoid issues with plugins that store way to much information in the database.

When the backup is executed, all the WordPress core tables will be dumped into ‘database-name-backup-core.sql’ and, the plugins into ‘database-name-backup-plugins.sql’. Not only will this mean that there will be two smaller files to upload to Dropbox it will also make it easier to restore you blog if it goes down.

Bug Fixes

Reduced directory nesting to one subfolder and fixed up error message

Now that the plugin uses Dropbox’s App Folder feature and the user can move the ‘wpb2d’ app folder wherever they like there is no need to have directory nesting as a sub folder. This removes complications creating folders in Dropbox and should fix some related issues.

Fixed issues where accounts where being incorrectly unlinked

Updating to the app folder mode added extra security for your Dropbox account but migrating the OAuth tokens meant that everyone needed to re-authenticate with Dropbox. This was achieved by detecting an auth error and removing the old tokens. Unfortunately it was unlinking for some non auth errors too, I have added a couple of new exceptions to the Dropbox API to stop this from happening.

Added singltons for better performance

The singleton pattern stops multiple objects from being created when they dont need to be. Its a negligible performance increase but, ey why not! :-)

Fixed issue #63 Out of memory in settings page

If PHP is running in safe mode, the plugin cannot set the memory limit to an amount needed to do its job. So instead of a fatal error, users will get a nice message in the exlude widget prompting them to increase their memory limit.

Fixed issue #64 UnexpectedValueException

This was happening when PHP had the open base directory setting in affect. Its now fixed.

Premium Extensions

To get around Dropbox’s 150 megabyte file upload limit the zip premium extension has had an update to shard itself into multiple zip files. This will happen if the file gets to 100 megabytes.

You can purchase and install Premium Extensions directly from the plugin in its own menu item. They come with 60 day money back guarantee!

Have Fun!

Well, thats it from me. WordPress 3.4.1 is out and this version is 100% compatible with it! (The last one was too). Please dont hesitate to post any issues you encounter and I will get to them as soon as I can.




  1. Sarah

    August 2, 2016 at 1:33 am

    Hi Mike,

    I installed the new version of WPB2D yesterday and successfully linked it to my DropBox account. I started a manual back-up and it appeared to be working correctly. I see the file it created in my DropBox and I can see that it has backed up some of the website. However, I can’t tell if it finished. I never get a “finished” message, and it looks like it’s still trying to back up (after 10 hours). When I click “Premium Extensions” on the menu, I see this message:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_site_url() in /home/content/s/d/o/sdonnell/html/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-backup-to-dropbox/Classes/class-wp-backup-extension-manager.php on line 58

    Sooo….I’m pretty new to all this and would really appreciate some hand-holding to get me through it. I love how easy this has been to use – up to this point! I have two questions:

    1. How can I tell if the back-up is complete?
    2. Is this error message something I need to take action on – and if so, what should I do?

    A little more info:
    WP version 2.8.4
    Host: GoDaddy
    5 other plugins are active: Improved Include Page, is_child, Search & Replace, TinyMCE Advanced, WP Last Posts

    Any help would be greatly appreciated – thank you!!

    • Mikey

      August 2, 2016 at 8:03 pm

      Gday Sarah,

      WordPress Backup to Dropbox has only been tested to work with WordPress version 3.0 and above. So, unfortunately I cannot provide support for you. :-(

      Version 2.8.4 is very out of date and you should really consider updating. Not only does the latest version have a whole heap of security updates, it has some awesome features too.


  2. Peter

    July 27, 2016 at 8:44 pm


    I would like to use WPBTD on two sites and back both up to the same Dropbox account. How do I set it so that each copy uses a different directory on Dropbox?

    • Mikey

      July 27, 2016 at 9:36 pm

      Gday Peter,

      All you need to do is check the ‘Store backup in a subfolder of the wpb2d app folder’ setting and choose a unique folder for each of your websites.

      Or, you can purchase the Zip premium extension that will zip each of the sites up in their own archives, negating the need to use the aforementioned setting.