WordPress Backup to Dropbox 1.0

30 Apr

Just over a year ago I noticed that all the backup plugins for WordPress were way to complicated. So I decided to build my own with the goal in mind of copying Dropbox’s mantra and being simple to use with a minimal amount of options.

To my surprise, the plugin has racked up almost 100,000 downloads and has been featured in some of the worlds top WordPress blogs. For this I would like to thank all the uses of the plugin for their feedback and support.

Introducing version 1.0

Today I am introducing version 1.0 of the plugin. In this version you will find a brand new Premium Extensions offering and months of research and development on the issues posted on GitHub and the WordPress blog. Install 1.0 today! https://wpb2d.com

Whats new?

Along with minor tweaks, bugfixes and the addition of Dutch and Hebrew languages, there are 3 major changes in this release.

1. Optimised backup algorithm

I have spent a lot of time making subtle changes to the core backup algoritm to reduce its memory footprint. I have been experimenting to find middle ground between user experience and performance. You will notice that the backup monitor no longer tells your which file is being updated, instead it will tell your how manny files have been processed every 10 seconds.

2. Updated file exclusion

The file exclusion widget had two major issues:

  1. Some files where not being excluded
  2. Partial directories being incorrectly tagged.

In addition, the class turned out to be quite memory heavy and has been completely re-engineered to be a lot leaner that should make the plugin more performant and use less memory.

One disadvantage of this change is you now have to include a directory within the file tree before you can access its contents.

3. Premium Extensions

This release also includes Premium Extensions that are downloadable snippets of code that add extra functionality to the plugin. The extensions are features have been requested over time but may not appeal to all users. Instead of complicating the plugin by adding them to the core, the premium extension page allows you to choose what extra functionality you want for a small fee.

At the moment there are two extensions to choose from:

  1. Zip Backup - When activated WordPress Backup to Dropbox will no longer upload each individual file to Dropbox, instead a date stamped zip archive will be created and uploaded it to Dropbox. The contents of the zip will be same as the core version and will include all files, media and a SQL dump of the database.
  2. Email notifications - When activated an email notification is sent when your backup succeeds or encounters a problem.

You can purchase these extensions using PayPal on the Premium Extensions page using the following simple process:

  1. Got to the Premium Extensions menu
  2. Click ‘Buy’ to purchase your desired extension
  3. Follow the flow of the secure PayPal checkout
  4. On success you will return to the Premium Extensions page
  5. Click ‘Download and Install’ to install your brand new extension
  6. Each extension will have its own activation and settings menu.

For more information please visit https://wpb2d.com/premium


Version 1.0 is tested to work with WordPress 3.4 and the performance increases and Premium Extensions will hopefully make the plugin a leading contender for the best WordPress backup solution.

As usual please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me if you have any issues or concernes.

  1. saxamo

    May 10, 2016 at 10:52 pm

    This is brilliant.. Absolutely brilliant. I would like to know if there are any security issue concerns, but otherwise this is really tops.. Great site, Great Plugin, Great Information. Way to go!!!

    • Mikey

      May 11, 2016 at 8:56 am

      Thanks for the great feedback!

      I am not aware of any security concerns. This is one of very few plugins that use OAuth to secure your Dropbox credentials. Meaning that the plugin does NOT need to store your username and password in clear text in order to perform a backup, making it very secure. In addition all OAuth requests are made using SSL.

  2. René

    May 10, 2016 at 3:27 am

    Hi Michael,
    I’ve updated the Italian translation to the version 1.0.

    You can download the file from Dropbox ()https://dl.dropbox.com/u/2150348/wpbtd-it_IT.zip) or using my website (https://t.co/GE2Dwv7T)

    Thanks for this helpful plugin :-)