Melbourne Web Developers

30 Aug

So I have decided to start yet another meetup…

Why you say?

Because I like to socialise and the current meetups in Melbourne are all specialised to one language or technology. I wanted a higher level meetup where developers from different backgrounds can come along and share ideas. In addition I reckon Melbourne is the Silicone Valley of Australia and getting talented developers together will only solidify this statement!

What is it?

Melbourne Web Developers is a bi-monthly meetup that brings together Melbourne’s awesomely talented web development community to exchange ideas, have a beer and talk about all things interwebs related!

We cover web development topics including high scalability, user experience (UX), web frameworks and languages, social media, harnessing cloud tools and SAAS and anything else that makes web applications work!

When is it?

Its the last Wednesday of every second month… So the first meetup is on the 28th of September.

How do I join?

The group is listed on Meetup who takes care of all of that! Check out –

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