G’day All,

My name is Mikey, an easy going Aussie, coder and entrepreneur from Melbourne, Australia.

I have coded for 99designs and helped their dev team scale from 6 to about 20, just after they received a nice amount of funding from Accel partners. It was a fantastic experience and I am sad to have had to leave such an awesome company and great people, more on this soon.

Before even joining 99designs I created a plugin for WordPress  called WordPress Backup to Dropbox that… well does exactly what the title states. In three years this plugin has been downloaded almost a million times and continues to grow. During my time developing and supporting this plugin I was frustrated with the lack of affordable and skilled customer support specialists  that are available to help a small project like mine.

This frustration drove me to leave 99designs and found Influx and find the best customer support specialists in the world and get them to help startups, small online businesses, engineers with cool side projects, and more with their customer support. As well as use my many years experience developing and supporting various products to provide expert advice on how to manage and scale it.

Just before starting Influx I had my first failed startup idea.  I attempted to rebrand the payment and installation platform, that I originally  created to pay for customer support for WPB2D, as a service for other plugin developers. After a few months of trying I realized that more people needed help with customer support then they needed another platform; so my focus immediately shifted to Influx!

In the past I have contributed to the TortoiseHg project, a graphical set of tools for Mecurial. In addition to some small changes and minor enhancements I created a useful dialog for the Mercurial Post review plugin that allows users to seamlessly post reviews to Review Board from the TortoiseHg repository explorer. You can read more about the dialog it here, however I am no longer supporting this tool and hope that someone has taken over my work.

Way back when I was studying my Computer Science degree at Swinburne University I was lucky enough to be selected for a one year internship at the Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex to work on the Telemetry Simulator Assembly Project for NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). Working in this small team is one of the early reasons I fell in love with using my skills to create or enhance awesome products, technical or otherwise, directly or indirectly.

Apart from work I enjoy an active lifestyle where I spend a lot of my free time travelling, keeping fit and participating in various action sports. During the summer I love to  hit the beach to enjoy Kitesufing or Wakeboarding at the lake. In the winter I can’t get enough of the mountains , snow and Snowboarding. There is nothing better to clear your mind then to strap on a board and get away from it all! :-)

If you want to contact me about nerd stuff, go for a surf, hit the slopes somewhere in the world or just say G’day you can get in contact with me on Twitter!

Oh, and if you need help with your support, be sure to checkout Influx.